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Liam & Beth

How we met...

As most of you may know, we crossed paths on our first day of university. After many alcohol-fuelled nights out with friends, cheap noodles and of course.. studying, we have been pretty much inseparable ever since.  

The proposal...

December 29th 2014...

Just after a busy Christmas, we both went out for a nice day to Longleat as the Chinese Lantern Festival was on.

 It was a damp, cold day and Beth was suffering from the dregs of a cold and was in a bit of a bad mood after being stuck in the Safari for about 3 hours (in traffic!). When Liam suggested going for a walk around the gardens, Beth reluctantly agreed and they made their way into the heart topiary garden where Liam proceeded to get down on one knee and pop the question. After some nervous laughter Beth of course said yes.